Air-conditioning Equipment Equipment which provides conditioned air to the premise space.
Air Handling Unit A device used to treat, supply and circulate conditioned air with higher handling air volume than fan coil units.
Biweekly Working Hours The total working hours of the premises in two weeks in accordance with normal work schedule.
Business Registration Number (BR Number) The registration number of a local limited company or non-Hong Kong company which has established a place of business in Hong Kong and registered with the Companies Registry of HKSAR Government.
Central Air-conditioning System A centralised cooling plant which supplies chilled water or chilled air to multiple air-conditioning spaces, premises and loads. Common air-side terminals at office tenants with central air-conditioning system are fancoil units, constant air volume and variable air volume air handling units.
Coefficient of Performance (COP) The ratio of cooling or heating effect to the energy consumption.
Energy Performance Benchmarking A process that compares the energy performance of a subject among the peers with similar properties and operation nature.
Energy Consumption Amount of energy used in a process or system. It is measured in kilo-watt hour, kWh or mega joule, MJ.
Energy Efficiency The effective output as compared with the actual energy input for a process.
Energy Label The 5 Star grading with which 5 Star refers to excellent energy performance and 1 Star refers to normal energy performance of the premise.
Free Benchmarking Tool The energy performance assessment tool which provides assessment function for office premises of multi-tenancy commercial buildings (Office/Retail) in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Green Building Council In 2009, four industry leaders united to establish the HKGBC - the Construction Industry Council (CIC), the Business Environment Council (BEC), the BEAM Society Limited (BSL, which has replaced BEAM Society as a Founding Member of HKGBC) and the Professional Green Building Council (PGBC). HKGBC strives to promote the creation of green building standards, and sustainable buildings, for a more sustainable Hong Kong.
Internal Floor Area The area of all enclosed space of the unit measured to the internal face of enclosing external and/or parity walls. It is measured in terms of sq.ft or m2 and is commonly used for non-domestic buildings according to Rating and Valuation Department, HKSAR Government.
Lighting Equipment The equipment which is used for illumination purpose.
Percentile The value of a variable at certain percent of observations.