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The As-built Architectural Layout (in AutoCAD Format) is available to facilitate the assessment and verification of building information

Remark: It is strongly recommended to submit the required As-built Architectural Layout (in AutoCAD Format) in order to facilitate the verification of the building information by the BESTCOMAA and the HKGBC.

If not available, BESTCOMAA is to ensure that the As-built Architectural Layout is of reasonable standard for BESTCOMAA and HKGBC to assess and verify the floor area dimensions. In this case, during the Assessment Stage, the Applicant is to submit the soft copy of the As-built Architectural Layout (PDF-format) with clear indication of the different types of floor area included in the scope of assessment, detailing all measurements necessary to facilitate the verification process. The As-built Architectural Layout (PDF-Format) is to be set at A4 or A3 size and MUST be with a scale of 1:100 or smaller (and should be of a rounded up scale with interval of 50 e.g. 1:150, 1:200), as appropriate. If the scale needs to be smaller than 1:200, a hard-copy is to be submitted to HKGBC for review. On a case-by-case basis, HKGBC shall approve the application based on the quality of submission.