Key Facts

HK BESTCOM is developed by Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited with the aim to provide direction to building owners for improving energy efficiency and drive market standards, leading to a greener Hong Kong

Apply for the Scheme

HKGBC Benchmarking & Energy Saving Tool – Commercial Buildings (Office/Retail) aims to provide building owners with a direction for improvement in energy efficiency and drive the market towards a more energy efficient goal in Hong Kong. It not only provides the applicants with an understanding of the building's energy performance when compared with the peers but also points out a direction for improvement.

Free Benchmarking Tool
The Free Benchmarking Tool assists users to assess the general energy performance of the building based on basic building characteristics and physical constraints. A general rating will be given to the users for reference. This tool is free of charge and accessible to the general public.

Recognition Scheme
By joining the Recognition Scheme, the building owners can evaluate their buildings' operational efficiency among the peers in the market. Applicants can also utilise the "What-If" Function which is unique among existing benchmarking tools worldwide. This "What-If" Function provides applicants with a direction for improvement in building operational performance, which may result in reduction in operating energy and cost.

Two types of application are available:

One-step Assessment Application 
In the 'One-step Assessment' application, a final result will be released upon the completion of the assessment. The applicant will obtain an official certificate and receive advice on possible measures to improve the building energy performance.

Two-step Assessment Application
In the 'Two-step Assessment' application, a 'preliminary' result will be provided upon completion of the '1st step' assessment. The applicant can choose to accept the 1st assessment result and obtain an official certificate, or pursue a 2nd assessment following the recommended measures to improve the building energy performance within a period of 36 months and the official certificate will be awarded to the applicant based on the 2nd assessment result..