Authorised Assessors are building energy professionals certified by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC). A key role of Authorised Assessor is to provide independent verification of the application information for the Recognition Scheme Applicants. Authorised Assessors certified by HKGBC are hereby listed below.

HK BEST Authorised
Assessor Name
Assessor Number
Company Name Company
Phone Number
Ir Colin CHUNG BESTAA0002 WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff 25798813 n/a [email protected]
Ir WONG Kwong Wing BESTAA0006 Southa Techical Limited 29637264 91229081 [email protected]
Ir CHAN Nai Kin Steven BESTAA0007 Green Energy Engineering Consultancy Limited 34210208 96521357 [email protected]
Mr CHENG Chi Wai BESTAA0004 n/a n/a 93419903 [email protected]
Ir LEUNG Chi Fung BESTAA0003 Business Environment Council Limited 27843945 n/a [email protected]
Ir YAU Kin Pui Matt BESTAA0008 P&T (M&E) Limited 28323423 n/a [email protected]
Mr LAI Kwok Lam BESTAA0009 n/a n/a n/a [email protected]
Ir LEUNG Chi Shing BESTAA0010 Urban Property Management Limited n/a n/a [email protected]
Ir CHENG Kwei Wah Richard BESTAA0011 Kambo Project Services Limited 23575534 90160101 [email protected]
Ms FUNG Shuk Ting BESTAA0012 Environmental Pioneers & Solutions Limited 21850155 61318134 [email protected]
Ir Alvin LO BESTAA0001 Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited n/a n/a [email protected]
Mr Kelvin CHAN BESTAA0005 Sino Estates Management Limited 63468658 n/a [email protected]
Ir Chris KWAN BESTAA0013 SunlandPlus 28829512 91085025 [email protected]
Ir LAU Ka On BESTAA0014 Ronald Lu & Partners (Hong Kong) Limited n/a n/a [email protected]