HK BESTOO Application

For users who intend to apply for a Certificate and Label, please take note to the following prerequisites and online application procedures:

Prerequisites for HK BESTOO Scheme Application
  1. Hire your own Authorised Assessor ( Authorised Assessor List)
  2. Obtain Average or Good rating from the Free Benchmarking Tool 

Online Application Procedures

To complete the BESTOO application, the Applicant has to:

  1. Create an account online and achieve an user id and a temporary password by email

  2. Make payment for Application fee 

  3. Complete the online application form, input required information and upload necessary documents for BESTOO Authorised Assessors verification. 

  4. The BESTOO Authorised Assessor will verify the submitted information, upload a declaration form and then pass back to the applicant

  5. Review and submit the verified materials to HKGBC for final approval and the eligible applicant will receive an award of Certificate and Label